Monday, July 20, 2015

Basic Principles Generators/Motors DC 1/2

Taking it back once more, back when I was at the university starting to know the electrical machines I have to be honest I had nightmares trying to acknowledge all the laws of physics that rule the way machines worked.

Today I just now thing, that the simpler the better so for those that just wanna know how it works and don't get to much over there heads here is a video that puts it just in simple words the way everyone likes it. Its an all video but I thing it is just great piece of work of explanation,

Hope you enjoy it and learn one or tow things.

If any suggestions for future post live it in the comment sections. Remember getting things explained in the easiest way is what I intend to do.

Watch the second part of this post: Basic Principles Generators/Motors AC 2/2

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