Monday, July 27, 2015

Electrical Installation Guide 2015 - FREE Download Now

Designer, Consultant, Contractor, Panel builder, Facility manager, Student, teacher, Standardisation or certification experts. we all have to know and comply to electrical installation standards and regulations, in order to ensure the safety (and more and more the energy efficiency) of our customers' electrical installations. 

These international standards, set by the IEC, are complex and keep evolving; as a result, we struggled to stay informed.
As an example, are you aware that the IEC 60364 "Low-voltage electrical installations" part 4-42 "Protection for safety - Protection against thermal effects" has been updated in 2014, and that in particular it now includes recommendations for arc fault protection? 
- in premises with sleeping accommodations; 
- in locations with risks of fire due to the nature of processed or stored materials 
In a.c. circuits, the use of arc fault detection devices (AFDDs) in compliance with IEC 62606 will satisfy the above-mentioned recommendation." 

The technology also evolves, which may impact the way we design installations: as an example, LED lighting is increasing its share very fast, and as you know the LED lamps electrical characteristics and behavior (at startup in particular) require special care to be taken when choosing the related control and protection devices. And there is nothing worse than a customer site where the lighting circuit breakers may trip, or where the contactors may face welding of contacts, requiring urgent and costly on-site intervention.

Fortunately, experts in the field from Schneider Electric got together in order to update the Electrical Installation Guide (EIG), a free and complete guide about electrical installations and the related standards. 

Edited since several dozen years, it is a reference work which helps you understand and comply to the IEC standards to be applied in 2015. Thanks to this free and simplified guide, you'll ensure the reliability of your commercial, industrial, or domestic electrical installations. 

What's new or updated in 2015 edition of the Electrical Installation Guide? 
An updated list of relevant IEC standards, new content about LED lighting, new content about Arc Fault Detection Devices (AFDD), some updated chapters about "connection to the MV utility distribution network" and "MV and LV architecture selection guide for buildings", and also some updated examples of Energy Management architectures. 

The content of the Electrical Installation Guide (2015 version) is clear and practical; there's no other guide of that stature! 

The paper version costs 60€ but we propose you to DOWNLOAD the EIG 2015 right NOW and FOR FREE by clicking on the button below:

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