Friday, July 17, 2015

Motor Selection Guide

When it comes to a Selection of an Electrical Motor for a set application some times engineers find themselves in a bast range of options and got confuse on which are the best "technically" for that option.

Once the engineers makes up their mind now they have to establish the rated characteristics to order the motor to the given manufacturer. Lets face it it is not that easy to remember all this parameters.

A few years ago when I was a fresh engineers coming out from the university I had a hard time selecting and ordering motors for a project I was involved in, and back then i found this Motor Selection Guide made by General Motor.

The guide basically describes all the characteristics that a motor has or could have if they are required and help you to properly choose and order the motor you really need. If by any chance you order a motor and its not the correct there comes the troubles so better take your time getting to know about types of motors is what I recommend.

So here is the link where you can find the guide I talk about. Hope you find it Useful.


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